About us



The Makeup Lovers is a brand like no other: exciting, experienced, and truly passionate about what we do.

Providing makeup fanatics with the opportunity to learn and develop their techniques through a unique series of live events, masterclasses and online

We offer a service that’s edgy, on-trend, and could transform your makeup game.

Having a global following, we are completely committed to our overarching vision: to help make-up artists and make-up lovers from all around the world develop and expand their personal and professional potential until they become true masters of the craft.


The methods we use to achieve such results are varied and universally exciting. Combining the most talented educators from all across the globe with unforgettable events LIVE and ONLINE, we marry outstanding customer service with exceptional knowledge and experience, which we hope to pass onto our valued clientele of make-up artists and lovers.

All of our education provide a unique chance for makeup artists to learn from the best, improve and enhance their personal and professional skill sets.


The brand is committed to beating all expectations by being educational, but also cool, quirky and exciting.

We - The Makeup Lovers aim to motivate our students to make the most of their talents, so that rather than settling for being good at what we do, we are given the boost we need to be truly exceptional.