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by Danessa Myricks. Enjoy!

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Watch Jordan's Liberty online masterclass and learn:

The science of makeup for any lighting.

Jordan Liberty's bio:

Jordan Liberty is an LA-based makeup artist, photographer, educator and creative director. In addition to producing iconic beauty campaigns, his work in consulting, marketing, and product development have made him the secret weapon behind the success of top makeup and skincare brands.

Most known publicly for his professional approach to education, he continues teaching pro-level workshops, makeup classes and seminars, and developing educational platforms when not in the studio. Liberty and his work have been featured by Glamour, On Makeup, LADYGUNN, ELLE, WWD, Popsugar and W Magazine, and in 2015 he received a coveted "Best of Beauty" award from Allure magazine.

Notable clients and collaborators include NARS, Pat McGrath Labs, Urban Decay, MAC Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Stilazzi, Jouer Cosmetics, MELT Cosmetics, Sigma, Sephora, Anastasia Beverly Hills, DOSE of Color, LORAC Cosmetics, CoverGirl, RealTechniques, Tatcha, Clinique, and NYX Cosmetics.

Liberty continues his International Beauty Tour teaching professional master classes, with successful events in 32 cities in 22 countries to date.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Lighting is a detail that many overlook. However, this detail can make a huge difference in makeup look. Jordan will share his experience of adapting the makeup look to each environment.
No matter what the lighting is - your make-up will look professionally.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Vlada's Haggerty online masterclass and learn:

How to create an authentic look with unique lip designs.

Vlada's Haggerty bio:

Vlada Haggerty started her professional makeup career in 2011 in Kiev. In 2013 she moved to the US.

Her makeup, hair styling and photography were featured in Harper's Bazaar Ukraine (pint), Like a Lion (Australia, online), Story (Ukraine, print), HOLE (Germany, online), WHERE (USA, print), Elegant Magazine (online), Elegant Ink (online), Fuse (online), Brink (online), Dark Beauty Magazine (online), Kaiouti Mag (online), Jute Magazine (online), Reve Magazine (Italy, online), Harper's Bazaar (Kazakhstan, print), Vogue (Mexico, print), Cosmopolitan (USA, online), Refinery29 (USA, online), TUSH Magazine (Germany, online), Make-up Artist Magazine (USA, print).

From 2015 through 2017 Vlada worked closely with Smashbox Cosmetics on creating a range of beautiful cosmetic products and lip art for campaigns. From 2016 through 2017 she was the Lip Editor In Chief for Smashbox Cosmetics. They have also collaborated on the Petal Metal collection that was named the best makeup collaboration of 2018 according to POPSUGAR.

Haggerty had the honor to also work with Pat McGrath Labs, Covergirl, Maybelline, Disney Style, Cacharel, NYX, Veil Cosmetics, POPSUGAR, Hello Giggles.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Vlada is one of a kind. She is an internationally recognized makeup artist. You will learn from her everything you need to make each makeup look flawless with an emphasis on lip designs.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Isabelle's De Vries online masterclass and learn:

Secrets and techniques for creating multidimensional looks.

Isabelle's De Vries bio:

Internationally recognised, multi award-winning makeup artist Isabelle De Vries is a true creator with innovation and overwhelming passion for her art form. Isabelle’s work challenges trends and stereotypes of beauty and has gained recognition from the industry’s elite.

With her complete understanding of makeup dynamics, individuality and precision she has become a great influence in today makeup industry across the globe. Isabelle specialises in editorial makeup, as well as makeup for, runway, bridal, television, and has established herself as the “Gloss Queen” with her signature looks!

As an educator Isabelle is fun, hands on and down to earth. Her confidence and enthusiasm to pass on her industry knowledge to the next generation of artists as well as industry veterans is well sort after.

Isabelle’s unique style and dedication has seen her catapulted into the spot light and across international stages. Following her sell out masterclass’s across Australia, London, LA and New York, Isabelle will not slowing down any time soon.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Only true professionals can create a multidimensional makeup looks. After all, this is one of the most important makeup techniques. You'll learn how to create a perfect look for your eyes and cheeks.

Isabelle will share how she designs look concepts and how she creates distinctive makeup looks by combining different concepts.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Ortal's Elimeleh online masterclass and learn:

How to create modern bride’s looks.

Ortal's Elimeleh bio:

Ortal is known for her use of bold colors, creating a gorgeous glow and transforming her clients into their most beautiful self.

She is a bridal and editorial makeup artist based in New York and Israel. Ortal has toured the world teaching her craft to many aspiring artists while using the Danessa Myricks Beauty products.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Everything you need to know about the makeup look of a modern bride. And all of this - from the lips of the finest Israel make-up master.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Sonya's Miro online masterclass and learn:

How to perfect your makeup shots through editing.

Sonya's Miro bio:

Sonya Miro’s creative career began from the age of 15 with an original t-shirt painting. Her first orders came not only from Moscow or Krasnodar (the city she was born in), but also from abroad. Since she always had a passion for creativity, later Sonya Miro became the teacher of makeup, drawing, and painting. In addition to teaching, she actively participated in all possible activities related to art and slowly, but steadily, this makeup artist collected an impressive portfolio.

On the Internet Sonya Miro is more known as an exceptional facechart artist. When you pop in to her Instragram profile, you can see her amazing makeup skills, used to create various and unique pieces of art. Her works are filled with glamour and bright colours and some even says that her tears should be made of glitter! As she is a well-known Instagram celebrity, her followers are growing each day and at this moment, her following reached more than half a million.

Sonya Miro is an exceptional educator, who has been teaching her techniques for students in such major cities as Dubai, London, Moscow and many more.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Flawless portfolio - is an integral part of a successful career. Sonya will teach you, how to edit your makeup artwork and how to make it look flawless.

You will learn, how to choose the right lighting, pose and what kind of editing tools to use. Surprise the social media with makeup look you've created.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Sara's Hill online masterclass and learn:

How to create glowing skin looks.

Sara's Hill bio:

Award-winning UK makeup artist, Sara Hill, is a positive force in the beauty industry. As a makeup artist for over 22 years, as well as the founder of The Academy of Makeup UK.

Best known as the creator of the Instagram makeup sensation "Yoga Skin" - Sara is a regular backstage at the international collections, having worked for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood and has worked with a host of international celebrities for the red carpet, awards, music videos and shows including; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; Grace Jones; Spice Girl Melanie C; Emeli Sande, Kanye West; Marina Diamandis, Becky Hill, and many more...

From campaigns to editorial spreads, Sara remains at the top of her field, with work published in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, British Vogue, Grazia, The Telegraph Magazine, Wonderland, Glamour and ELLE.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Learn the innovations in the digital age and how to apply them to your skin.

Here you will learn all the basics you need to keep shiny skin for different complexity makeup looks.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Julia's Voron online masterclass and learn:

How to push your creative boundaries with a variety of colors and textures.

Julia's Voron bio:

For a very long time, Julia Voron has been travelling around the world, sharing her knowledge in various makeup trainings. Her unconditional passion for makeup plays a significant role in further growing as a PRO makeup artist and a tutor.

She seeks to share her strategies, techniques and various tips that would help you to become better at your craft.

Avant-garde style, expression and techniques - these are the things that make this makeup artist/educator one of a kind.

If you're still unsure whether to attend the course, take a look at Julia's Voron makeup art pieces, her educational masterclasses as well as the testimonials from other students.

She is a constant learner herself and a firm believer that only by acquiring new knowledge makeup artists can successfully reach their dreams. Thats why you can oftenly spot her at makeup events, masterclasses and festivals looking for various opportunities and the freshest trends.

Only this time, she is sharing all of it with you!

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Expand the boundaries of your possibilities. Julia will teach you how to create exceptionally creative makeup.

In this online masterclass you will see how the perfected techniques can help create an exclusive improvisational makeup look.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Shani's Baruch online masterclass and learn:

Secrets to creating bronzed eyes that stand out.

Shani's Baruch bio:

A 26 year old international freelance makeup artist based in Israel, started at the early age of 19. Specializes in bridal and evening makeup. Studied at Natasha Denona makeup school academy at 20 years old and became one of the head teachers at their school for several years. Have done many masterclasses.

If there is any more time, I can also then show lip liner technique with a nude lip creating a 90’s inspired look. Or how I fill in the brows.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

A Soft Smokey Eye inspired from the bridal industry using special techniques that are both flattering and photogenic in photos.

Shani will be showing how to create a brown smokey eye, that is well loved in the bridal industry.

A technique that is both eye catching but still soft and very complimentary on a lot of different eye colors and shape.

This technique is also very flattering in photos there for very suitable for brides and evening makeup.

You will also learn how to do individual lashes .

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Einat's Dan online masterclass and learn:

How to step out of standard beauty stereotypes.

Einat's Dan bio:

International Make-up Artist & art director Born in the North of Israel.

She holds twenty eight world awards, including top recognition in the industries of makeup.

In 2012 she created and launched a successful line of Makeup Brushes called MIA by Einat Dan.

Today Einat is based in Europe, where she continues her carrier as one of the leading makeup artist in the fashion, glamour and creative beauty industries.

Einat also travels extensively teaching master-classes and workshops to professional makeup artist|s worldwide.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Something that stands out. Someone who does not belong to any ordinary beauty stereotypes.

Makeup can be an art. Einat will show you how to convert your makeup into art. And how to make art, that is featured on magazine covers.

Makeup look you will learn:

Watch Yana's Panfilovskaya online masterclass and learn:

How to create red carpet look.

Yana's Panfilovskaya bio:

Leading Makeup Artist in Russia.

Yana has been working as a makeup artist for over 13 years.

Founder of Panfilovskaya studio.

Her big heart is the key: through training, she inspires people from all over the world.

Yana will share with you not only the most incredible, most vivid and sought-after images, but also her secrets that help her combine working with clients, teaching a basic course and a continuing education course, and studying at on-line master classes.

Yana is a world-known makeup artist, and also a unique teacher!

She held her master classes in many cities of Russia, as well as in Romania, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine, the UAE.

Watching online masterclass you'll learn:

Timeless makeup secrets - all this and more - from one of the best Russian makeup artists.

In this online masterclass, Yana will show you in details how the exceptional look is created. The look like no other.

Makeup look you will learn:

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