8 Skin Makeup Tips Everyone Secretly Wishes To Know...(Interview with Mia Connor)

Last week we did a poll on our Instagram about which topic would you like to know about the most.

And, as you can see from the title, we’ve got a clear winner – it’s the skin makeup! ✨

💯 A good skin makeup can easily make you to feel like a millionaire and instantly boost your confidence.

Let’s be honest, we all want to achieve that perfect luminous skin look, which makes us to appear more youthful and well-rested.

Even though every skin type is different and requires individual care (you can’t forget that, babe 🙏)

We asked the renowned makeup artist Mia Connor to answer a few of your questions about the skin makeup, in general.


👇Without further ado, here are the 8 questions about skin makeup, answered by a wonderful Pro MUA Mia Connor:

👉Q1: How to prepare your skin before makeup?

Mia: I always cleanse well before a makeup, especially focusing on the eyelids which can be the oiliest part of someone’s face! Micellar water by Bioderma is my go-to. 

👉Q2: Which one should go first – foundation or concealer?

Mia: Foundation - always - there is no point loading up areas of the face if foundation was all that was needed to cover imperfections. Conceal last, only in the areas you need to. 

👉Q3: How to prevent under-eye creasing?

Mia: It’s a trade-off of the need to cover dark circles but to prevent creasing less product under the eyes is best and less powder, so that we don’t dehydrate the skin under the eyes. If creasing occurs, which it will at some point, simply use the heat of your fingertips to press the product back into the skin.

👉Q4: What are the best ways to apply foundation?

Mia: Personally, I like a dense, flat headed, larger brush to ensure speed and even coverage.

👉Q5: Should I use primer, setting spray or both?

Mia: I don’t use setting sprays, much to most people’s shock – I definitely prime but I prime to control or combat a situation such as a luminous primer to brighten dull, dry skin, or a mattifying, pore filling primer to control shine on oily skin.

👉Q6: Do you agree that foundation is the most important part of makeup?

Mia: I disagree with this - all elements of the makeup are as important as each other - great skin care and prep certainly is important as the makeup is only as good as the skin it is being applied to.

👉Q7: What‘s the biggest skin makeup mistake you see most artists do?

Mia: Applying far too much foundation & concealer onto skin that doesn’t need that much coverage, but I believe there are no rules (apart from hygiene) when it comes to makeup and everyone has their own unique style which I appreciate.

👉Q8: What‘s the main rule of skin makeup for You?

Mia: For my style, I like skin to be as fresh and minimal as I can get away with depending on the skin I’m working on.


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We hope that these advices will help you make your skin look as beautiful as it can be. 💁

Apply these tips here and there and voilà! 💖

Now you can enjoy gorgeous skin makeup! ✨

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