SUPER GLAM MAKEUP: master most wanted bold glam techniques


The day has come… No, seriously, this is going to be BOMB. Have you noticed your Instagram being dominated by SUPER Glam looks with extreme smokey eye, painted with intricate colors, bright cut crease GLAM - everything looking big, bold and fabulous. It does not matter if you’re into it or not - you just cannot help but stare. And wouldn’t you like that people would do the same seeing your work?


If that is the case, when you’re in luck, cause today we’re going to cover everything from styles, techniques to best products for perfect execution, so if you’re ready, let’s begin!





Before rolling your eyes at me for exaggerating just count how many times a client of yours has looked at themselves with the full on glam look and said: It does not even look like me. I bet that the count is pretty substantial. The truth is - not everyone is a SUPER glam diva and here's how to recognise it:





However, this is just a recommendation - it all depends on a vibe of a person, which if you’re good at picking up cues on what a particular client might or might not be into, you can pretty much skip. But if you have even one little doubt about this choice, better get it cleared up with them to avoid a bad review online.




All the rage in Russia, where artists are producing breathtaking smokey eye with multiple colors used for one look. At the first sight, it looks rather intimidating, but all of it comes down to two basic skills - picking colors and layering your products right. Other details can be learned rather easily.


However, the first thing to understand when doing this particular look is the eyes shape: you have to picture whether this look would be suitable for your clients features. I know that most makeup artists get taught that smokey eye looks good on everyone, well.. Not this particular one - if you are working with a person, who has extreme downturned eyes, no matter what shape you are going to do, it just won’t look as good and the direction of the will probably clash. Of course, if you are extremely skilled in eye shaping, then go for it, but if you are doubting yourself when you skip it and go for another glam technique.


To better understand why it wouldn’t work, let’s look at the first step of this technique - after doing the eyebrows, draw your smoke contours with a flesh colored pencil, so that your blending does not ‘spill’ over and you have a clear picture and symmetry to work with. Remember that you are going for uplifted eye - here’s a few examples on how to do it for different eye shapes:





Second important step is picking your products right - pick cream shadows that are blendable and have great color intensity, as well as, glitter, pigments and pressed eyeshadow, as buttery and intense as possible. If you remember the layering rule from or last blog - the look lasts when the wet products are fixed in place by dry products put on top.





Start your look with wet products, e.g. cream eyeshadow as your base (don’t skip primer) - out it in the center and blend towards the crease and the outer edge of your drawn shape on the upper lid. When starting to layer other cream shadows on: here you have a complete freedom in directions, shapes, e.g. you can layer different colors vertically, horizontally, whatever suits the shape of the eye and most importantly, what you feel would look best for your clients features. One thing to take note of is that the look should be done in gradient - the most intense colors being near the eye and the less intense brighter colors melting towards the outside of the look, creating a blended smokey gradient effect like seen here:



The dramatic and super glam effect is done by adding glitter or pigment - here there are a few tricks. If you never worked with loose eyeshadow like this before, you can do it in number of ways: apply it with a fluffy brush with less if effect or picking up adhesive, glitter primer or glue which will allow for more intense effect and more long lasting application, since the loose pigments tend to slide of the eye pretty quick. If you’re paying attention - these should go near the as the most intense colors to allow for that beautiful gradient effect.





To be honest, this technique is not hard, you just have to have a plan and practise to work with creating shape and choosing colors, so that your models don’t end up looking like very colorful racoons. Here's a color wheel cheatsheet to help you combine them better:






Don’t worry if the first look we talked about seemed like mind boggling to you - you can still deliver that SUPER glam effect, just in another style. Ever done cut crease? I hope so! Since it’s one of the most requested techniques EVER. However, since I do not enjoy overly repeating myself (no one would, really), if you’re a beginner, I recommend learning your bases on this previous blog of mine here, where I cover everything you need to know to start with this technique.

Now that we got that out of the way - how does this differ from a regular cut crease:





Aaaah, the shape - yes you cannot get away from it, since cut crease also requires a basic understanding on shaping the eye - if you want a separate blog covering that, let me know in the comments down below and I will certainly deliver.


So, to start of this look take an angled brush - can be the one you’re using for drawing eyebrows and draw the shape of your cut crease starting from the outer corner of the eye upwards as you would your eyeliner wing and then draw your crease from the nose all through the upper lid. You can make it super high, round, almond shape, whatever you like - this will be your base (don’t skip primer, I repeat).



When pick a smaller brush, darker or more intense in color eyeshadow and buff that shape in. You can also deepen it by picking up another color and applying on top, leaving the edge of the base color peeking out and creating a gradient. Afterwards pick the same darker color and start applying it at the wing end bringing it towards your moving eyelid and blending at the edges as you go.


When done, draw your crease with a concealer and fix it in place with neutral eyeshadow. And here comes the fun part: glitter or pigment. Use adhesive, primer or glitter with a flat synthetic brush (tip: foil effect glitter looks just gorg on this look) and glide the pigments on top of the drawn crease. They should just beautifully slide into place. Let it dry and put a transition color at the end of glitter to blend the outer edge and crease together. Don’t worry if it won’t blend as smoothly, it does not have to - for the last detail add liner (only if you want to), lashes and you’re good to go.





Did you think I would leave all those SUPER glam diva’s hanging?! No! Of course, you will want to take photos of your creations, so here are a few tips on creating that beautiful Instagram shot and woving your followers with not only your talent but also beautiful photos:




So if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, start practising TODAY and share your SUPER glamorous looks on Instagram - tag and will definitely feature them on our feed. Super excited to see your work, ‘till next time!

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