Slay Every Red Carpet: master 3 glam looks step-by-step



The whole world is turning upside down and all the glamorous movie premieres, parties and nights out clubbing may be cancelled, but that does not mean that glam is out of our lives for good. Celebrities are still getting dolled up for their online events, private celebrations are still happening. So thing is clear - glam is forever and before we get back to our normal routines partying and getting together, it may be the perfect time to brush up on your technique and latest trends.


Let's start with, what makes a glam look? Here goes a little dive into history - red carpets, evening looks and everything that we now shorten to simple “glam” were highly influenced by the movie and celebrity culture. In fact, one of the biggest influences who is responsible for a classic liner + red lip look that probably every MUA has executed at least once, was the movie and social star, Marilyn Monroe, herself.





What does that mean? The glam look has evolved through time, however, the purpose of it stayed the same - to make your client look and feel the prettiest versions of themselves under the scrutiny of public attention. Feeling pressure already? Don’t sweat it, since we have just the thing to help! First, let’s start with basics!




How to do that? I’m glad you’ve asked! Let’s look through 3 eye and lip makeup techniques that are most common among the glam makeup artists! We created 3 practise sheets for you to look at while you’re doing makeup:


Eye technique #1 - Smokey eye

To be honest - that just works for everyone. However, according to the eye shape - you might just want to lift the shadow direction up in the outside corner if that eyes are more on the downturned side and you may want to skip with darker smokey eye on mature women, cause it may make them look older (refer to our blog on mature skin).


Eye technique #2 - Shaping with shades


Now this may be executed in the number of ways, but we are going to look through the most versatile ones. First, if your client has close set, downturned or a bit upturned eyes, you might want to go with example number 1, here you have to remember to:




Second case is applicable if the eyes are symmetrical or a bit wide set. The technique changes slightly after repeating steps 1-3:




Don't be afraid to use darker, shimmery colors or pigments - after all, this is glam we are talking about and the ultimate glow up is a must in every case.



Eye technique #3 - Winged liner

This can be done for whatever eye shape you want, however, the technique changes slightly. Looks best with upturned and open eyes. With liner don’t forget to pick the right brush and product that you are comfortable working with:


Lips - classic red, nude or glossy



Depending on the eye technique and colors you chose, pick the lip - most popular are, of course, the red, nude and glossy. However, be careful what you pick because every one of them have specific challenges to tackle:





Red lip - has to be very symmetrical and clean, since the lip will draw extra attention. So if you are lacking on those two, better leave it alone. For clean lines - sharp pencil, concealer and taking your time will be your besties.


Nude - the trick here is picking the right nude. There are multiple shades, but try to pick one that suits the eye makeup and the skin undertone. Brownish nudes work better for warmer toned skin and mauve tones, for cooler skin tone.


Glossy - the hardest part is making gloss to stay put. We recommend layering - applying pencil, lipstick and then gloss on top of it. Of course, don’t forget to blot the lipstick before applying gloss, cause it might not stick well.


Feel ready to slay every Red Carpet? Maybe not quite, yet, cause we have a special dessert coming - a set of tips from the TOP Glam Makeup Artist, Yana Panfilovskaya, who has been beautifying celebs for more than 13 years. Ready to dig in? Here we go:




And that’s that - you are now ready to go and create goddesses with your makeup brush! Go get them tiger!



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