No Sweat Yoga Skin Makeup: master 4 different dewy skin techniques



Who knew?! And I am not talking about the pandemic that’s ravaging the world. However, in the light of recent events our coping mechanisms are going into overdrive and we all are turning our heads towards the sun, spring and everything that keeps us feeling alive and well. Hence, this week's hot topic is yoga skin. Imagine if you just stepped out of an extremely satisfying yoga class, looking flushed, skin glowing and eyes radiating happiness?! Well, if you are not a yoga person, don’t worry, this look of fresh, glowing, light complexion is not going to require any physical effort- it's entirely achievable with makeup.


The technique was invented by the scottish makeup artist, Sara Hill - one of those freaky things where you post something on the internet and it goes viral overnight. To be honest, it is not only genius in it’s simplicity, but also allows one to produce a result that no glowing primer or luminous foundation will ever mimic.

And most importantly - it’s FUN! And that’s what we are currently missing the most. So if you are brave enough to step out of the shoes of the makeup artist and wander into the ground of a slightly mad chemist, let’s look through the products and formula :)

Original Yoga Skin:


And here's the most important bit - the formula itself:


Skin Prep:


I know that you thought, I was going to skip this. Well, babe, whether you find the prep tedious or not - it’s absolutely necessary. The goal of Yoga skin prep is to plump skin as much as possible. And there’s a full action plan to take into account:



Here comes the fun bit! Sara recommends using your hands, but in the light of recent events, we suggest mixing all products on the mixing palette and covering the face with the result. Keep in mind that the textures of products have to be similar, so avoid using heavy foundations with lots of coverage. Once you applied the first layer - let it settle.

Prepare a second mixture, this time only use the foundation 80% and liquid illuminator 20%. It’s important to apply the second layer once the first is well absorbed into the skin, since otherwise you will have tons of product on the face and a huge mess of overload to deal with. Apply the second mixture.

Use concealer for the under eyes and to mask unwanted imperfections.

Give face dimension with creamy bronzer or other contour product - it’s important to stick with creamy, fluid products here, since yoga skin is all about that natural dewy finish. However, do not overload on contour - again, the goal is as close to nature as possible.

Blusher, Sara recommends to use a gel one - since it creates a very natural flush and gives an additional boost to the illumination effect.

Add liquid highlights if you think they're needed to accentuate the cheekbones more.

Spot powder where it's absolutely needed, based on the most oily places of the skin or where the pores are the largest. Use a very light translucent powder and a small puffy brush. Again - this has to be just a few light touch ups, not a full on baking.



And voulia - this is the original yoga skin, however, what is sooo amazing about this technique is that you can easily play around and create your own formula. Get in the shoes of that genius, yet slightly mad, chemist and create a wonder of your own. Here a couple favourite variations of mine:


This formula if the tone is matched well to the skin will turn you into the glowing goddess: be it bronze, lilac or rose gold shine. The effect is blinding and too gorgeous to be real. Switch up the ratio if you want a bit more bling. If there is enough effect with the first layer, the second is not needed, keep that in mind.


Simple natural dewiness - what more could you ask for. Again, you may not need a second layer.



Play with the ratio and increase it if you want that steamy hot yoga look. Few dare to venture there, but who knows - maybe it’s your undiscovered jam.


And that’s it - have fun in your skin lab! We are dying to see your gorgeous fresh and dewy summer looks. And don’t worry if you don’t have all the products on the list - as long as there’s foundation to be found and one illuminating product, you can still produce your version that will knock the socks off of every onlooker. Good luck and have fun experimenting!



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Sara Hill - award-winning UK makeup artist, Sara Hill, is a positive force in the beauty industry. As a makeup artist for over 22 years, as well as the founder of The Academy of Makeup UK.

Best known as the creator of the Instagram makeup sensation "Yoga Skin" - Sara is a regular backstage at the international collections, having worked for the likes of Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood and has worked with a host of international celebrities for the red carpet, awards, music videos and shows including; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; Grace Jones; Spice Girl Melanie C; Emeli Sande, Kanye West; Marina Diamandis, Becky Hill, and many more...

From campaigns to editorial spreads, Sara remains at the top of her field, with work published in Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, British Vogue, Grazia, The Telegraph Magazine, Wonderland, Glamour and ELLE.


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