Makeup Mysteries Solved: learn cut crease, soap brows and ombre lip



I do not know about you, but whenever I have to get ready for an important event of my life, where I'll receive lot’s of outside attention - my mind comes up with a brilliant idea of trying out some new makeup technique (that I have never done before). I usually buy tons of products for this and guess what… in most cases it ends in an utter disaster, where I run out of time and my big plans turn out into a 15 minute red lip and liner combo.



God forbid that scenario happened with a client. So - in order to avoid such disasters in your own personal bathroom or your makeup chair, we have rolled up our sleeves and prepared detailed breakdowns on the most popular, yet, still troubling techniques out there: cut crease, soap brows and ombre lip.



Ready to dig in?! Hold on to your seats, ‘cause here we go:



Cut Crease: the good, the bad and the avoidable



This is probably the most asked for technique on our page - we have received tons of messages asking for tips on executing this eye look. So let’s start from the very beginning - first, there are numerous variations of cut crease out there: classic, half-cut, colorful, graphic… I could go on and on, since makeup artists are incredible with their creativity and you can find the most insane variations out there.





What’s even more amazing - it suits almost every eye shape out there and is a lifesaver for those with hooded eyes. How?! Well, you can draw the crease above your actual crease and make your eyes appear bigger, with more lid space. The only case it wouldn’t look as good, if you are working with protruding eyes with almost zero lid space.


Without further a do - let’s go through a classic technique step by step and eliminate any possibility for fails:





Most important, don’t forget to use your imagination and if that step by step is a bit overwhelming, grab this product list, where we layered everything you need to have in the right order of steps:


Soap brows: to soap or not to soap



Soap brows are somewhat a revelation in the makeup world! When perfected, the technique allows to easily create perfect fluffy natural looking brows. Quite the contrast with the outdated ombre brow, which looked far from anything occurring in nature.





So what to do you need to nail this technique? Brow soap from your drugstore or literally any soap, water or setting spray, spoolie, angled brush and some brow gel. However, if you are using your own soap - test it out first before going public, since it may start to get flakey. That means that you have to work on your water:soap ratio, e.g. use more water, less soap. Steps for perfect application:





What's so great about the soap brow is that you can go crazy and do a full on unibrow if that’s your jam or keep it under the radar, creating a very natural look, it all depends on how much filling in you want to do. And to make it even more simple - grab the layered product list below:



Ombre lip: make it sassy



There is not a single thing I do not love about ombre lip - it’s easy, creative and elevates the look into the whole other dimension. And once you master these two basic techniques, others variations will be a piece of cake. Let’s walk through the classic look:






Another variation is favoured in the Eastern countries - a very fresh, natural lip as if you just bitten down into a juice cherry and it left a stain. So for this look you can use two creamy lipsticks - one of your natural lip color, the other- more vivid or concealer and a liquid matte product.






And that's that - you can do a gradient through all the lips or just in the middle - you choose. However, don't forget to save this product list, so that you know what goes after what:







Congratulations, you’re done. You have successfully learned the basics of 3 top rated techniques, so get of your chair and start practising - we are eagerly awaiting to see your results on the gram!




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