Makeup for Challenging Skin 101: Check your Skill Level


Every MUA’s work is complicated: working with people can leave one feeling like he/she ran a marathon in one day all the while listening to how sucky they run and that their skills leave much to be desired. Sometimes the biggest issue keeping MUA on her/his toes is fulfilling the clients' vision of the desired result to the fullest - one thing is to work with gorgeous models who come with flawless skin but what about the everyday clients, who come with acne, scars or tattoos all over them?!

Fail or come out unscathed - it all lies with certain knowledge and skill. However, with these basics - PRO or no PRO, it should be just a cake walk if you are dreaming of reaching worldwide success.

Not sure if you got it right?! Luckily, TML Team is here to help you unravel these babies out and emerge on a true PRO Level. Without further ado, let’s deep dive into three most common problems every MUA has to battle on weekly basis:



Do you feel a shiver roll over you when a client with problematic skin walks through your door?! Drop it! The answer to this lies with the foundation and your techniques. Probably the most common one here is acne - the key here is picking a quality foundation with a tad more coverage. However, if you don’t want it to look too heavy, apply it in thin layers, manipulating shade and creating dimension. Works wonders, since nobody wants a cakey mountain on their face, problems or no problems.




Key thing to remember here - before jumping straight into foundation, don’t forget to use a proper base to fill in those uneven imperfections. This tip is crucial working with scarring and, the almighty will not be merciful if you try skipping this. This is not the Rocky Road we are trying to create here.

And if you want to leave your client truly in awe, pull out all aces and remember everything you know about illusion work: depending on the afflicted area, try to brighten places that would direct the attention elsewhere and leave the uneven areas darker. This will guide the eye of onlookers where it needs to go and leave those pesky blemishes with zero attention.




Seems like a no-brainer, yeah?! Xaxa, NO. Probably half of MUA’s are on trial for this mistake when a tattooed darling plops into their chair. What’s the first thing you would do? Go on and try to hide it under a thick layer of makeup?! And that can end with an abrupt exit on the client’s end. Not everyone wants to hide their tattoos, so the politically correct step here would be to ask whether they wanted them on display or not. If not, well then the same rules apply - fuller coverage and layers, try not to overdo it, though.




Of course, you can always ruffle some feathers by doing your thing and ignoring the customers wishes, but that does not bode well even for the most seasoned of PRO’s, since word-of-mouth is still the most effective advertising technique ever. And who wouldn’t like to attract more clients by testimonials raving on their astounding skills.

Try and implement the tips above and leave us your impressions on how they worked for you down below or to


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