Flawless Summer Bride Makeup: how to turn brides into bronzed goddesses


Well, it’s finally here. I don’t know about you, but NOTHING is going to stop the bridal season and before you get shouting at me: some countries are already lifting their lockdown rules and people are going to wed no matter what. It’s life. You cannot stop living it no matter what happens. So, to shut me up from all the preaching here - I am going to share a perfect beachy, sweet yet not too much summer bride look that is going to sparkle in that beautiful sunlight and make everyone's eyes water from perfection.


Not dramatic, am I? Don’t think so :) What good is it to you? Well, even, if you aren’t allowed to work, yet, no one is forbidding you to learn it, true? So if you are ready, cause I am already jumping in my seat from excitement, let’s begin!

The Golden Rule of Longevity


First, let’s get over this amazing golden rule of makeup that will last you ages: you may know it already and DUH me right this second, but for those who have not yet had the pleasure of trying this themselves I have to emphasize that longevity is based on layers holding unto layers. And it holds even better if one layer is wet product and the other - a dry one.

However, this does not work if you pile wet, dry, wet, dry etc. That would result in a cakey mess: first, work with wet products and then fix them in place with dry ones. An additional layer of wet product could be a fixing spray, but it covers the whole face evenly and absorbs quickly without any danger of messing it up (unless you touch your makeup when the spray is not dry).


Now that we got that covered, let’s move one to the product list that you will need for this look:



You can pick the shades according to you, but when choosing eyeshadow for this look - pick 5 shades from the lightest tone for the inner corner and the darkest one in the outer one.

The Iridescent Gaze


The biggest work here is the eyes and the look is based on the rule of three. Basically we divide the eye into three parts and fill them with different shades. It does not matter what your makeup routine is - you can do the eyes first if you want to avoid fallout or last if you use napkins underneath the eye not to mess it up.


However, since we are going over this step by step, we will start with the eyes. The whole idea of dividing is to put your shades in the right places: the most popular variation is to put the lightest shade in the inner corner and the darkest one in the outer, creating a gradient effect all over the lid and shaping eye, the second variation is darkening both - the inner and the outer and putting a very shimmering shade in the middle resulting in a smokey blazing look.



If those two are way beneath your skill, well then - you can also divide the eye into 5 or more parts and create amazing gradients or rainbow effects on your lids by covering the places in different color eyeshadow and blending the edges together. Keep in mind that eyeshadow colors have to blend well and complement each other, otherwise you’ll end up with a muddy mess.



Now, let’s get unto application, but before you begin - don’t forget to prime the lid and let that primer sit awhile so that it does not mess with eyeshadow formula. As our longevity rule states - first apply the cream eyeshadow - start with darkening the outer corner and blending the color as you go. Then do the same with the outer and bring the leftover product into the crease connecting the two corners together. Afterwards apply a lighter transition color right in the middle and blend everything together. A useful tip here is to use synthetic brushes - those work wonders with cream product.



The next phase is the dry product, switch to natural hair brushes and pick the darker shade to pack on top our outer and inner corners. Then choose a very bright iridescent color to pack on the center of the lid.


Sometimes shimmery dry products apply better when using your finger, so do not be afraid to do just that ( only after having your hands disinfected). And another tip when applying it with a brush is put the brush in the product and then spray it with fixing spray to intensify the color.



Darken the outer corner and accentuate the lash line with a darker pencil - buffing it in and blending afterwards. And the last little gem - put the lightest shade in the inner corner.


Easy, yes? However, we’re still not finished - don’t forget the lower lash line: here use only the darker dry color eyeshadows on the outer/inner and the lightest in the middle applying in tapping motions and the blending it throughout the line, connecting with the upper eyeshadow. A few eyelashes to shape the eye, a coat of mascara and TA-DA! A burning summery gaze coming your way… The groom is going to be teary mess, believe me.


The other very important part, concerning this look is color scheme, we recommend trying these if you have trouble picking the color according to your clients eyes and complexion. When done with eyes, clean up all the fallout and let’s get on to skin, but so that you do not forget, here's the eye step by step:


Glowy long lasting skin makeup


To be honest - if you read my previous blog about bulletproof bridal makeup, this won’t be news to you, only a few bits different in this technique. Longevity is created by moisturising the skin, prepping, priming and applying your foundation in light layers. That’s it. The glowinnes however and a very natural look is all about the cream product.



And here comes the exception - you can put wet highlight on dry powder, however, there’s a BUT - test it out first, some wet highlights will look great and others will ruin the look in 2 secs. That will be the thing that puts that extra BLING to the whole look.


Brows and lips


For this look, you can choose to do whatever works, however, with brides I always recommend going with soap brow, cause it looks more natural and a natural nude or ombre lip with a touch of gloss. Same as Shani Baruch look here:



However, since I dissected the secrets of these two techniques in my blog here, I won’t repeat myself, you can read and learn it for yourself here, but trust me, they will last ages and up your looks a few levels more.


And that is that - a glamorous bride with a glowing healthy skin and bronzed smokey eye: make one right and have thousands banging your door wanting for you to work your magic on them! I’m kidding… or NOT, you’ll just have to see for yourself. However, no BRIDEZILLA will be able to resist your work. Goodluck!


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