5 Tips on Banging Lip Art Every PRO MUA Must Know


We all have experienced the struggles of messy lip application: not cleaning the corners right, crooked or smudged lines, dried out mat lipstick or lip art that seems to transfer anywhere instead of staying on the model’s smile.

It does not matter if you are a beginner that wants to learn how to better execute a classic glam or a nutty makeup artist smashing one creating look after another - this ultimate breakdown of creating a flawless lip will change your makeup game forever. Let’s get right into it!

#1 First of all - HY-DRA-TION


And a simple moisturiser won’t do, darling. If you are attempting a more complicated look or simply just applying a mat, hydration is a must. Plump those lips with products that will do most in less amount of time and no fuss, e.g. gel lip masks. Effective, quick and you can pop one on the model’s face while prepping your tools. Afterwards, just toss it out and you’ll have zero product residue to clean.


#2 Hygiene comes first!


Mixing your products on the back of your hand?! Come on, honey, - it’s the 21st century! Bacteria breed anywhere! Not that we are overly germaphobic, but being a makeup artist one should know that the model’s face is their meal ticket, so any infection or bacteria that might transfer through hands and tools is not fare to them, nor is it very professional. Keep your tools disinfected and use pallettes for mixing colour!


Photo by @vladamua

#3 Choose your product wisely


Now this is the fun part - going for the ombre, colourful or a classic?! Don’t be afraid to break the rules - choose the product that matches your creative goals, is easy to apply and blendable! One of the top lip makeup artists, Vlada Haggerty, sometimes chooses to use eye pencils for their creamy texture and smooth blendability. You, on the other hand, can pick whatever is available for you - start experimenting, try out different products and see how they apply and go forth. However, in doing so, don’t forget to keep the tips sharp! It’s the key to impeccable application.


#4 Keep it even and clean!


So you have your shape and it looks alright, but your eyes might be playing tricks on you. Try a different perspective - take your smartphone and snap a photo of it. Now, through the camera’s lense, you will be able to see all the little imperfections that need your guiding hand. The tricky part here is smoothing out the uneven lines. Here you can choose two options: either do it with concealer or use micellar water, moisturiser.


Photo by @vladamua


If you pick the later, use a very thin yet sturdy angled brush that will not be as likely to go on it’s merry way and ruin your hard work. Won’t it clean your foundation around the lip?! Well, if executed right, you won’t be able to see any edits even in macro photography, this technique is frequently used by the previously mentioned artist, Vlada Haggerty, who is also an expert on beauty photography.


#5 Patience, persistence and creativity


You may not get it right the first time, or the second time or even the third time, but practise and repetition are key to perfection. Don’t forget to take things slow while working - keep your lines as clean as possible, take breaks to sharpen your pencils and never rush product application.

Use extras, like crystals and other glueable accessories, mix your colours and recreate the world as you see it. Let it reflect in your work.

It takes technique, it takes courage and most of all it takes patience to actually do it right! Be brave!

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Vlada Haggerty is a professional makeup artist who was born in Soviet Union and raised in Ukraine. From a little girl Vlada loooved to play with her mother's makeup. After finishing makeup school and moving to L.A. with no job, Vlada became a one-woman show: her own model, makeup artist, photographer, retoucher.

Her courage paid off since her creations became all the craze on Instagram and since then she worked with major brands like NYX Cosmetics, Maybelline, Covergirl etc. and was featured in such major publications like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan etc.

Vlada continues to succeed and her ingenuity on lip art seems to be never ending!

Vlada Haggerty @vladamua

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