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Providing makeup fanatics with the opportunity to learn and develop their techniques through a unique series of live events and masterclasses, we offer a service that’s edgy, on-trend, and could transform your style game.

The methods we use to achieve such results are varied and universally exciting.

Combining the most talented educators from all across the globe with unforgettable events, we marry outstanding customer service with exceptional knowledge and experience, which we hope to pass onto our valued clientele of make-up artists and lovers.

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The Makeup Lovers aim to motivate our event attendees to make the most of their talents, so that rather than settling for being good at what we do, we are given the boost you need to be truly exceptional.

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We are here to help make-up artists and make-up lovers from all around the world to develop and expand their personal and professional potential until they become true masters of the craft.


Develop and expand your personal and professional potential learning from only most talented Makeup Artists from all over the world.

Danessa Myricks


Kimberley L.


Nicole Faulkner


Sonya Miro


Serdar Kambarov


Vanessa Davis


James Vincent


Mia Connor


Elena Sanko



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At our exclusive events only most talented, professional
make-up educators are delivering interesting and engaging lessons to attendees, whilst being insightful, inspiring and productive.


The Makeup Lovers is an enterprise that can be trusted to deliver each and every of our ambitious promises.



"Wow, what a dream the past 2 days were. I am honestly still shocked and so honoured to meet and to learn so much from the best in the industry. @danessa_myricks thank you for sharing your talent and for being so wonderfully supportive and encouraging. You are forever an inspiration to me•

Guys I would wholeheartedly recommend training with Danessa, I have had the best two days and taken so much away from this experience and I will 100% be back to do it all again in the future. Thanks so much for putting on a wonderful training event and having the best and friendliest customer service ever "


"Had the best day yesterday learning from a true artist @paintdatface ❤

Also got to spend it with my girls @jessgagomakeupartist @tashaalouu_ 💕 Thank you all for such an amazing time!
Highly recommend @themakeuplovers_net for masterclasses, absolutely amazing event!!! ✨"


"100% recommend The makeup lovers as events organisers for a masterclass.

I received email updates running up to the day, keeping me informed. On the day it ran smoothly and was laid out great. I had such an incredible time meeting/learning from Danessa! I love that the class sizes weren’t too big.

I’d definitely go to another one of their classes! I can’t wait to receive the photos!"

Annabel Clark-Clements

Customer reviews

Based on 48 reviews
I love it!

I’m glad did, it’s a good quality of video and I was finally able to see Danessa technique

Happy that I made a right decision to buy this masterclass.
Got so many inspiration from the lessons.
Cant wait to learn more.

Danessa Myricks - Online Masterclass

Makeup online

Absolutely love this online masterclasses, they are very informative and useful I learned lots of new tricks and tips 😍 I hope that you'll do Olga's tominas online course as well, I would be the first to watch it 🙈

Da Vinci

Watching Danessa was truly artwork. I ha never used her products prior nor used techniques quite like hers. Her flawless artistry is stunning.

I found the classes very interesting, as I sat for hours watching. Just watching her style and technique is so unique. I look forward to others in the future.

love danessa

Very much worth it, the video could of been a bit better quality.


I loved it. Will take more masterclasses. Such a great and affordable opportunity.

Amazing 😍

The MasterClass with Danessa Myricks is amazing.
I love her makeup, and it‘s a good thing to do it online.
I can only recommand it ❤️

It was amazing.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn with amazing makeup artist....

Great Class!

Great Class! Really enjoyed it and I wish Danessa had a few classes in a masterclass bundle.


loved every minute of this masterclass!danessa is one of a kind!wish she d come to greece sometime!!!


I enjoyed every look so much! Can’t wait for your next online masterclass!

11 Online Makeup masterclass bundle with World Class Mua's

The Makeup Lovers

I'm loving to learn from the best Professionals in this business.
I'm just really sorry that the students can't download the classes or bem able to ser them Forever, because Sonya Miro's class for instance is really tricky and not as easy to put in a paper what we learn, we have to see


Been a Professional MUA still this platform enhanced my skills !

Der Preis von dem VIDEO für denn 11 × Muas ist -gut und günstig. ECHT klasse.
Und die Certificate finde ich grossartig.Danke dafür.

Great masterclasses

The masterclasses are great and it's a good Price for all of these! I'm just disappointed for the two or three english traduction that are not good at all and I'm waiting for the new videos with the new traduction!


Jako sam zadovoljna kako je streaming tekao, makeup artisti su bili odični i ceo festival je jako korisna stvar za sve nas koji nismo u mogućnosti da lično prisustvujemo...Oduševljena sam master časovima, posebno su bili dobri i korisni časovi Jordana ,Vlade i Julije, zahvaljujem i ostalim predavačima na prenetom znanju...:D Hvala puno organizatorima na besprekornom programu. Bilo je čisto uživanje!

Amazing master classes

I love the classes, but i have to admit that the english version of julia vorton is quite hard to follow... anyway, everything else is amazing ❤

Loved the online classes

Love these online classes and seeing so many great makeup artists in one place and learning from them. Thank you Makeup lovers 😄❤️

Wauw !!!

For me it was wauw!!!! Thank you...
I cant believe in one package 11 masterclasses. I am make up artist alredy 16 y. Never stop always going to new classes meeting new masters..learning it to add something new to my work..
I love it ... it was feeling like I have individual classes with masters. I had chance and I met Danessa Myricks last autumn in Chicago make up show she is her so much.
Thank you so much. So excited abaut new classes. Cant wait to watch whem!!!

11 Online Makeup masterclass bundle with World Class Mua's

The best chance to meet with MUA stars

This show was really amazing. All the speakers were very well chosen. I watched online several times. I will not miss the 2020 edition. Thank you very much to the TML team for the organization.