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We are exciting, experienced, and truly passionate about what we do.

Providing makeup fanatics with the opportunity to learn and develop their techniques through a unique series of live events and masterclasses, we offer a service that’s edgy, on-trend, and could transform your style game.

The methods we use to achieve such results are varied and universally exciting.

Combining the most talented educators from all across the globe with unforgettable events, we marry outstanding customer service with exceptional knowledge and experience, which we hope to pass onto our valued clientele of make-up artists and lovers.

We are committed to beating all expectations

The Makeup Lovers aim to motivate our event attendees to make the most of their talents, so that rather than settling for being good at what we do, we are given the boost you need to be truly exceptional.

We are completely committed to our overarching vision

We are here to help make-up artists and make-up lovers from all around the world to develop and expand their personal and professional potential until they become true masters of the craft.


Develop and expand your personal and professional potential learning from only most talented Makeup Artists from all over the world.

Danessa Myricks


Kimberley L.


Nicole Faulkner


Sonya Miro


Serdar Kambarov


Vanessa Davis


James Vincent


Mia Connor


Elena Sanko



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At our exclusive events only most talented, professional
make-up educators are delivering interesting and engaging lessons to attendees, whilst being insightful, inspiring and productive.


The Makeup Lovers is an enterprise that can be trusted to deliver each and every of our ambitious promises.



"Wow, what a dream the past 2 days were. I am honestly still shocked and so honoured to meet and to learn so much from the best in the industry. @danessa_myricks thank you for sharing your talent and for being so wonderfully supportive and encouraging. You are forever an inspiration to me•

Guys I would wholeheartedly recommend training with Danessa, I have had the best two days and taken so much away from this experience and I will 100% be back to do it all again in the future. Thanks so much for putting on a wonderful training event and having the best and friendliest customer service ever "


"Had the best day yesterday learning from a true artist @paintdatface ❤

Also got to spend it with my girls @jessgagomakeupartist @tashaalouu_ 💕 Thank you all for such an amazing time!
Highly recommend @themakeuplovers_net for masterclasses, absolutely amazing event!!! ✨"


"100% recommend The makeup lovers as events organisers for a masterclass.

I received email updates running up to the day, keeping me informed. On the day it ran smoothly and was laid out great. I had such an incredible time meeting/learning from Danessa! I love that the class sizes weren’t too big.

I’d definitely go to another one of their classes! I can’t wait to receive the photos!"

Annabel Clark-Clements

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11 Online Makeup masterclass bundle with World Class Mua's

The best chance to meet with MUA stars

This show was really amazing. All the speakers were very well chosen. I watched online several times. I will not miss the 2020 edition. Thank you very much to the TML team for the organization.

Special talents

This is the great learning for professional artists, who chase makeup dreams as passions and make living careers . Hope it fits everyone needs .

Delaware Makeup Artist

Thank you, Thank you,
I absolutely LOVED this online makeup course concept. The artists were very generous with their techniques and knowledge. The Videos got me excited to step out of my comfort zone.
I hope you can do some video courses with normal people, who have skin issues and wrinkles..

Perfect for established Mua too !

I bought this as a treat to learn from artists i respect and admire across the world. Having been in the make-up industry myself more then a decade I’ve often bought masterclasses and not really gained much insight . The Makeup Lovers is totally different ! after 5 mins of my first video watching Jordan Liberty I learned more in those 5 mins then in the last few years , not only have i picked up technical knowledge and technique but I have found their personal stories resonate with my own and therefore their business advice has also been amazing to listen to .

A truly fabulous line up of Artists, my only wish is that some of the videos were even longer ! I can’t get enough and have booked on to the Tomina masterclass in Amsterdam now !

Fantastic Opportunity

Loved the lives from the festival, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to learn from such renowned makeup artists. The video quality was great and there was different camera angles which made sure us at home views got the full view throughout the demos. My only critique and why I gave 4 stars was because of the translation during the lives, it wasn't up to the standard I expected. The translator also was unable to explain products being used and also there was no product brands mentioned which I would like to have had like you would at a masterclass.

11 Online Makeup masterclass bundle with World Class Mua's

Online experience Makes Up Lovers Vilnius

It was overall a great experience with SO many great artists! Since I needed the translation to English that was some what a disappointment since the translator had a lot to wish for.... Also that the upload of some artists didn't work until several days later. But overall I'm so happy that I joined and I learned som many new things that I can't wait to try on my clients:)

Makeup Festival Live stream & Recordings bundle

Online masterclass

Loved it. I can watch it whenever I have time. And as many times I need. Learned good few new things and can’t wait to try it out

Makeup Festival Live stream & Recordings bundle

Wonderful experience!

I am very happy and grateful for having had such an opposition to join the event! Sparkling, creative, inspiring!

Great experience

Wasn't sure what to expect but I really wanted to see Jordan Liberty. Not 1 minute have I regretted my desicion. Not only was I able to wacht Jordan work his magic, I also got to know several other amazing artists. All this from the comfort of my own home. Really happy with the quality of the recordings. The translation was a bit off from time to time but that is just me nitpicking.
Real fun expercience! Thank you!

Makeup Festival Live stream & Recordings bundle

Great content but time frame too limited

Wish we had longer than 2 months to watch the videos. I like to watch them more than once to take notes. Really tough to do during holidays

Great experience wonderful lineup

I could easily say that the lineup is on of a kind. The whole idea of bringing these masters to a one place at one time is brilliant. I've learned a lot of the skin prep and foundation also how to build up perfect textures on the skin.
Loved every single minute of every master Class
Thank you for this ❤

Awsome event!!

Awesome event!!


I absolutely loved the masterclasses, so excited to attend next year!!

Loved everything but the English translation.

Everything was perfect! The techniques were amazing and the artists and content were like no other. The only thing that was difficult for me to follow were the master classes that had English translation over them. The person translating did not know the makeup terms and slang used in English, And was making a lot of thinking sounds (uhhhhh) that for me were really distracting and make things hard to follow, so for the next time, I would love a translator that is very acquainted with the makeup world. Also the background noise of the original artist was very distracting. That combine with the not so accurate translation made my experience of the translated classes a little bit frustrating and disappointing. But, I will definitely continue to buy online courses form you because I know you will find a way to better our experiences, and because you are the only company that can maintain me up to date in makeup techniques.

I really like the makeup artists in the Live stream, but the translation for English was not so clear. And I really wish the certificate comes with my name on it.

Makeup Festival Live stream & Recordings bundle

super online masterclass

I really enjoy the masterclass with all international makeup artists. I had learned so much from all of them. It was really nice event!

Thanx guys You are amazing

Thanx guys You are amazing! I hope in one day I will be your guest xx

Very good, great experience

Very good. I think it would be great to have a live chat on live stream so online viewers can ask questions and the host could then ask the artist. Then it would be just as good as going to one in person. But it was great information and video quality was great, was awesome getting the close up footage also.

So helpful

So helpful ! Thank you